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Preventing “Wii-itis”

Most people are familiar with the Nintendo Wii.  This hugely popular video game console uses wand-like controllers to translate motions of the hand and arm into actions by characters on the screen.  The active gameplay makes the Wii popular with parents concerned about their children sitting for hours playing traditional sedentary video games.

Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life understands the appeal of the Wii in this age of burgeoning childhood obesity rates.  But playing Wii is not only inferior to good old-fashioned sports and active play — it can cause overuse injuries when played in excess.

The key to preventing Wii-itis is moderation, especially when first getting a Wii.  Place limits on how long your child (and you) play.  Insist on a pre-Wii stretch and warm-up, and encourage frequent breaks.

As new technology emerges, so do new injuries.  This chiropractic office keeps up-to-date on health risks triggered by video games, computers, phones and other technology.  We are committed to staying informed so that we may best care for our patients.  If you are concerned that you or your children are at risk of developing Wii-itis or another tech-related injury, please call our office today to schedule an evaluation.Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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