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Savour Spring Vegetables

Spring is in the air!  For many of us, that means that fresh. Local produce is available once again.  Eating locally is ideal for the environment and optimal nutrition, so be sure to take advantage of these early spring treats.

There’s lots of buzz lately about “eating local.”  Buying from a local, trusted source is vastly better for both your health and the health of our planet.  Eating food grown nearby reduces the number of paths the food must travel and, hence, the chances of contamination.  Smaller, local farms, even non-organic ones, are also less likely to douse their crops with pesticides.  Plus, produce at a traditional grocery store is more likely to have been subjected to irradiation, genetic modification and other controversial methods.  These fruits and vegetables may contain lower levels of nutrients, compared with their locally grown counterparts.

In addition, much of the produce you see in the grocery store traveled thousands of miles to get there — using vast amounts of fossil fuels.

Stopping at your local farmer’s market is a much more health- and earth-friendly option.
Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator


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