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Shoulder Pain and the Spine

Not surprisingly, shoulder pain can result from a bump, bruise or torn rotator cuff — a separation within the quadruple group of muscles encasing the shoulder joint.  What may surprise you, however, is that misaligned cervical vertebrae (bones in the spine of the neck) can also spark shoulder pain.

 A proper diagnosis of shoulder pain is crucial.  Dr. Smith carefully examines patients for the underlying cause of shoulder ailments including misalignments in the spine of the neck.  “A thorough history and detailed physical examination will, in most cases, identify the cervical spine or the shoulder as the primary source of the disease,” say researchers (Clin Orthop Relat Res 1999;368:105-13).

Did you know that improper posture can also spark vertebral subluxation, neck and shoulder pain?  For instance keeping your neck straight and stiff can result in reduced range of motion and a condition known as “military neck.”

Hunching over a desk — whether at school, work or home — can similarly wreck havoc on your spine.

Elevated arm postures are just as damaging.  If you are a musician — or have a child who plays a musical instrument requiring extended arm elevation — talk to Dr. Smith about ways to prevent repetitive shoulder, neck and spine injury.

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