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Spread Love & Kindness This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day fanfare — from the cards to the flowers and candy — all say “I care about you” to anyone close to our hearts.  It’s obvious that supportive relationships — that last long after the Valentine’s chocolates have been consumed, cards recycled and flowers wilted — tremendously affect psychological well-being.

This chiropractic office teaches patients that physical health is inseparable from happiness and a balanced, joyful life.  Our preventative approach to wellness centers on the mind and body connection.  This Valentine’s Day, schedule time to relish close friendships.  Your relationships — and health — will reap tremendous benefits.

You don’t have to have a Valentine’s Day sweetheart to reap the benefits of caring relationships.  The wellness-boosting advantages of relationships stem from anyone who’s close to our hearts — from a friend or family member to a coworker.

If you’re searching for meaningful relationships, try participating in local community events that you enjoy.  Finding friends with similar interests can jumpstart companionship.  For example, local clubs, college extension classes, specialty instruction like gardening or cooking classes, community exhibits, the gym, etc. can be great places to connect with people around you.  Volunteering is another winning way to foster close relationships.Dr. Barbara Smith
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