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Ten Reasons to Turn Off the TV

You’ve heard it all before:  Watching too much television is bad for your health.  But have you really “tuned in” to the research or simply pressed your own virtual “mute button?”

Dr. Smith urges patients to seriously consider how television is affecting them and their families.  Following are 10 excellent reasons to turn off the tube.

  1. Prevents obesity
  2. Bonds families
  3. Reduces violence
  4. Broadens attention spans
  5. Improves sleep
  6. Boosts brain power
  7. Helps safeguard innocence
  8. Prevents smoking…
  9. … And drinking
  10. Staves off burns

Helpful hints:

  • Encourage the entire family to get involved providing ideas on alternative activities.
  • Watch programs with your kids and discuss them openly.
  • Keep interesting, quick-read reading materials on your coffee table.
  • Shut the TV off if you object to the content.  Explain why it was offensive or not in line with your family’s value system.

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