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The Dirt on Antibacterial Products

You use antibacterial soap when you wash your hands, antibacterial dishwashing liquid to scrub your dishes and antibacterial wipes to clean your kitchen countertops.  But is this all-out bacterial assault really necessary?

Studies are beginning to question the cumulative effect of antibacterial products on antibiotic resistance.  The studies are reporting:

  • Cancer-causing agents
  • Dioxin danger
  • Hormone hazard
  • Environment eroder
  • ‘Super bug’ supporter

In the end, plain old soap and water — minus the antibacterial additives — may be the healthiest option.  The key is to make sure you wash your hands long enough to get the job done.

Dr. Smith urges patients to avoid getting caught up in the counterproductive war against bacteria.  Instead, focus on building strong immune systems through regular chiropractic visits, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles (such as regular exercise, stress reduction and getting plenty of sleep at night).

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