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The Fashionable Fig — Healthy and Hip

Figs are the latest in-style, hip fruit gracing celebrity hot-spot restaurants from Los Angeles to Paris.  But the fig won’t just make you hip — it can also make you healthy.  With over 50 varieties to choose from — and countless ways to prepare and enjoy this ancient delicacy — it’s truly one of the most delicious, versatile, nutritious and fashionable foods available.

Dr. Smith promotes the inclusion of nutritionally rich foods, such as figs, as part of the chiropractic lifestyle:  a philosophy that focuses on preventing disease and illness with regular chiropractic care, exercise and proper nutrition.

Figs have no saturated fat, sodium or cholesterol.  They are also high in calcium, iron and potassium.  A quarter cup has 3.7 mg of potassium.

When it comes to calcium, three dried figs provide 80 mg of this bone-boosting mineral.  In comparison, one cup of milk contains 300 mg of calcium.

Some fruits, including figs, increase in sugar content as they age.  That’s why fresh is best for diabetics.

One medium (2.25″ in diameter) fresh fig has just 10 carbohydrates, according to the American Diabetes Association.  generally speaking, diabetics try to keep carbohydrates levels down to 45 per meal and 15 per snack.  and with just 37 calories, one medium-sized fig is definitely a diet-friendly food.

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