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The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit work, “Yuj,” meaning to yoke, join or unite.  Sanskrit is the language of ancient India, where yoga originated.  The practice of yoga involves joining or integrating all aspects of the individual — body, mind and soul.

Yoga’s principle of a balanced life is also a foundation of chiropractic.  Doctors of chiropractic, like Dr. Smith, advocate schedules that allow time for nourishing mind and body.  Daily exercise, stress reduction, a healthy diet, adequate sleep, supportive relationships and chiropractic adjustments are all essential components.

Yoga focuses on creating balance by developing strength and flexibility.  It’s a gentle form of non-impact exercise, accomplished through the performance of poses.  While some poses are performed slowly and increase stamina, others are arranged in quick succession, imparting cardiovascular benefits.  Stretching and relaxation are also interwoven into yoga practice.

The chiropractic lifestyle stresses balanced living:  an existence that honours the mind and body connection.  This chiropractic office is dedicated to educating patients about creative ways to incorporate healthy choices into daily living.  Finding the time for everything from exercise and nutritious eating to adequate sleep isn’t easy in today’s fast-paced world — but it’s fundamental for well-being and a balance life.

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