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The Lesser-Known Effects of Back Pain

Back pain can range from mildly annoying to completely debilitating.  Its physical effects make even the simplest of movements — getting in and out of a car, picking up items off the floor or stooping down to pet a dog — unbearable.

And back pain’s effects don’t stop at physical.  It can have serious psychological, and even financial, effects.

How can you end or avoid back pain and its far-reaching effects?  Start with chiropractic.  When spinal movement is restricted or spinal bones (vertebrae become misaligned, the result is a common condition known as vertebral subluxation.  Vertebral subluxation is linked with a myriad of health concerns, including back pain.

Dr. Smith corrects vertebral subluxations with safe and gentle maneuvers called chiropractic adjustments.  Studies show that regularly scheduled adjustments may also help prevent back pain along with a host of other musculoskeletal conditions.

If you are among the millions of people around the world with back pain, don’t suffer in silence or resort to symptom-masking drugs:  many of which have potentially serious side effects.  Instead, schedule an appointment with our office today.  We take vertebral subluxations and related disorders seriously.  Along with freedom from pain, you’ll receive the attention and respect you deserve.

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