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The True Keys to Happiness

During these challenging economic times, many people are reconsidering what they need to be happy, and are concluding that material possessions aren’t as important to their well-being as they had previously believed.  And, scientific research upholds that, once basic needs are met, money has little influence on contentment.

On the other hand, exciting research proves health and social connections play a crucial role in achieving happiness.  The new findings are outlined below.

  • Health is no. 1
  • Happiness is contagious
  • Happiness loves company
  • Social network is key to happiness
  • Friends influence happiness far more than money does
  • Personal interaction matters

Our chiropractic office focuses on caring for the whole person.  We understand that the body, mind and spirit function in conjunction, not in isolation.  That’s why we educate patients about achieving all aspects of optimal health.  Call us today to learn more about this unique, holistic approach!

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