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This Earth Day, Nurture Your Health Through Nature

This Earth Day, Nurture Your Health Through Nature

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to take steps to improve how we care for the environment.  Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life encourages everyone to make an “Earth Day Resolution.”  Even minor changes, such a planting a tree or recycling a type of material you aren’t currently recycling, will produce a dramatic benefit over the long term.

Earth Day is also the perfect time to incorporate more green exercise into your fitness routine.  Green exercise is any workout or physical activity — such as hiking or gardening — that occurs in an outdoor space where elements like potted trees and plants are plentiful.

The benefits of outdoor exercise — surrounded by nature — surpass those associated with indoor exercise.  While both strengthen bodies and life spirits, exercising outdoors substantially increases the happiness and self-esteem quotient.

Make a commitment to incorporate more “green” in your life.  Regardless of age or ability, go outside and play!  And don’t forget to make regular appointments with our chiropractic office:  the all-natural way to good health.
Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Education

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