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Tips for Safe Lifting

How often do you lift heavy objects?  The more you lift, the more opportunities you have to injure your back.  After the common cold, back pain is the single most common complaint for which people seek help from a health-care professional.  While the causes of back pain are myriad, injuries sustained while lifting are often to blame.

When it comes to safe lifting, the importance of correct posture cannot be overstated.  You have probably heard the common advice to “lift with you knees, not with you back.”  It turns out that these are indeed wise words

More tips to remember for optimal positioning while lifting:

  • Start with your body as close to the load as possible, avoiding reaching out to grasp it.
  • Avoid reaching over your head — use a ladder instead.
  • Do the work of lifting with your arms and legs, not your back.
  • Don’t arch or twist you back — keep it straight.
  • Hold the load close to your torso — between your shoulders and waist — for minimal back strain.

It is also important to know your load.  Lifting an object that is heavier than anticipated can throw your body off balance, particularly if you are already in a less-than-optimal lifting posture.

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