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Why Not to Sleep With the TV On

Your doctor at Chiropractic for Life believes a good night’s sleep is an integral part of the chiropractic lifestyle:  a philosophy that focuses on preventing disease before it occurs.

Studies show that one of the greatest contributors to sleeplessness – in addition to stress, work demands and family pressure — is television.

Even if watching TV doesn’t keep you up, sleeping with the TV on poses additional health risks.  A growing body of research links nighttime exposure to the “ambient” light emitted from a television screen to an array of disorders such as:

  • Restless sleep
  • Depression
  • Breast cancer

Sleep is simply too important to let anything compromise its remarkably restorative powers.  If you suffer from sleep disturbances, try giving your bedroom television the boot.  And, make sure to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation focused on uncovering any other “hidden” causes of your insomnia.Dr. Barbara Smith
Chiropractor and Health Educator

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